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The NAVEL expo highlights the very best integrative, holistic, wellness-oriented and prevention-minded physicians, authors and celebrities from around NYC and the world. Then we introduce them and their inspirational message to those who value their life and understand the importance of laying the foundations for extreme wellness as the best cure for most of life’s ills.

Meet some of the most remarkable healers, bestselling authors and celebrity activists...

As you can imagine I attend many Wellness Conferences. The NAVEL expo ranks right up there with the very best of them. The information and products you are making available to health minded individuals in your area are simply compelling. Count on our continued support. Great job!

Robert Aronberg, Vitamix

Our attendance at the NAVEL expo provided an opportunity to present our message to standing room only, health conscious audiences, and created a 7700 increase in traffic to our e-commerce website

Marc Walther, CEO Intact Nutrition

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